A Sneak Peek of My Art at the Barbourne Artists’ Summer Exhibition, Worcester

A Sneak Peek of My Art at the Barbourne Artists’ Summer Exhibition, Worcester

I'm bursting with excitement to announce that I'll be showcasing my artwork at the Barbourne Artists' Summer Exhibition at the Artery Studios in Worcester (June 19th-23rd)!

This vibrant Worcestershire art event features the work of five talented artists, including myself, Felicity Osborne, Jane Arthur, Cherrie Mansfield, and Caroline Hall. It's the perfect opportunity to discover new artistic styles and immerse yourself in a celebration of creativity.

But wait, there's more! Have you been admiring a piece of mine on social media or my website? Now's your chance to see it in person!

This blog post will give you a sneak peek at some of the artwork I'll be exhibiting, from stunning peonies to the majestic Malvern Hills. Keep reading to see what awaits you at the Barbourne Artists' Summer Exhibition!


The art on show:





Still Life With Peonies.

16X20inch Acrylic on canvas. Framed in a Gallery Standard white box frame.


Peonies, my all-time favourite flowers, have long held a special place in my heart, symbolising love, happiness, romance, and beauty. It's no wonder these stunning blooms have captivated artists and admirers alike for centuries.


This piece stands as a celebration of the enduring allure of peonies, the warmth of family bonds, and the joy that can be found in life's quiet moments. It is a tribute to the power of art to capture the essence of our experiences, allowing us to share our stories and connect with others in a deeply meaningful way.




Peonies in an Urn

19.5x15.5 inch, Acrylic on canvas.


This particular painting holds a special place in my heart, as it is my other half's favourite piece. The experience of creating this artwork was made even more memorable by the presence of my then 11-year-old daughter, who painted alongside me on her own little easel in our garden, offering a sense of togetherness during the challenging times of covid. These stunning blooms served as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the resilience of beauty in the face of adversity.



Fine art painting of a vase of sunflowers displayed in front of a vintage mirror. By Worcester artist Margaret Powell.


Antique Mirror and Sunflowers

20x16inch Acrylic on canvas


In the warm summer of 2021, amidst an unexpected garden visit, a dear friend arrived with arms full of vibrant floral gifts, preparing for a delightful, socially distanced coffee catch-up. The scene was set, and the atmosphere brimmed with a sense of camaraderie and hope as we navigated the times.

Sunflowers, symbolic of loyalty and devotion, seemed to perfectly embody the enduring bond I shared with my friend. Their golden petals, reaching for the sun, were a testament to resilience and the power of connection, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

With each brushstroke, I endeavoured to encapsulate the essence of that unforgettable summer day - the laughter, the conversation, and the gentle sway of sunflowers against the backdrop of the ever-changing sky. The painting now stands as a tribute to the unwavering support and love of true friendship, a reminder that even in the midst of uncertainty, there is always beauty to be found.


Fine art painting of a vase of sunflowers displayed on a wooden tabletop. By Worcester artist Margaret Powell.


Afternoon in the Garden

20x16inch Acrylic on canvas


This painting is more than just a visual depiction of sunflowers; it is a celebration of the ephemeral beauty of summer and the joy it brings. It is a reminder of the serenity we can find in the simple moments spent with loved ones, surrounded by nature's splendour. As the seasons change and the sunflowers eventually fade, the canvas will continue to evoke the warmth and happiness of that enchanting September afternoon, forever preserving the essence of a summer to remember.

 Original painting by Margaret Powell Worcestershire artist of Farm Sunflowers and Sedum in a Clear Vase



Farm Sunflowers and Sedum in a Clear Vase

18x14 inch Acrylic on canvas


The painting serves as a vivid reminder of a spontaneous journey with my son, the awe-inspiring beauty of the Worcestershire countryside, and the simple pleasure of getting lost in nature. As I gaze upon the finished piece, I am transported back to a magical day when we set out on our bicycles, our hearts full of anticipation, as we discover a little piece of paradise amidst the sunflower fields.



Malvern Hills - Spring Walk

3ft x 3ft Acrylic on boxed stretched canvas - the painting continues round the edges for those clients who prefer no frame


The Malvern Hills have been a constant source of inspiration and wonder for me since I first moved to Worcestershire in the early 2000s. With each visit, I find myself uncovering new aspects of their beauty, from the rolling contours and lush greenery to the breathtaking panoramas that stretch out before me. The hills seem to possess a magical quality, evoking a sense of timelessness and inviting exploration.


In this very large painting - my largest to date - of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire I hope transport the viewer into a world of ethereal beauty through my use of the impressionist style. The rolling hills, cloaked in lush, vibrant greens, cascade across the canvas, invoking a sense of serenity and majesty simultaneously.



Malvern Hills in May

31x25.5inch Acrylic on canvas, including white gallery standard frame


May is such a wonderful time here at the Malvern Hills where the lush greens cascade down the beautiful landscape. I feel that every time I visit these hills the clouds in the sky are just spectacular; they never fail to amaze me.



Malvern Hills Rhapsody

24 x 18inch Acrylic on board


This painting holds a special place in my heart as it represents my inaugural artistic endeavour to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. By employing a loose painting style, I sought to convey the dynamic movement and ever-changing nature of the landscape, as well as the vibrant intensity of the sunlight that bathes the hills in a golden glow.



Id love to chat to you about my art in person, so I hope to see you there.


Opening times of Barbourne Artists’ Summer Exhibition

Wednesday 19 June: 4pm 6pm (Margaret present)

Thursday 20: 11am 4pm

Friday 21: 11am 6pm (Margaret present)

Saturday 22: 11am 6pm (Margaret present from 2pm til close)

Sunday 23: 11am 4pm (Margaret present 12-4)


Location - Arch 28, The Artery Studios, 29 Croft Road, Worcester WR1 3BD. Plenty of safe parking nearby at the Hive library. 


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