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Margaret Powell Art

Girl on Caswell Bay Beach

Girl on Caswell Bay Beach

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In May 2020, amidst the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, a glimmer of hope emerged when Wales opened its borders to visitors from England. It feels like a lifetime ago now, but the memories remain vivid and cherished. Eager to escape the confines of our home and embrace the splendor of nature, my family and I set out on a long-awaited journey to the breathtaking Caswell Bay.

As soon as we arrived at the beach, my 10-year-old daughter, filled with an infectious energy, could hardly contain her excitement. Having been cooped up indoors for what seemed like an eternity, she burst forth towards the water, surfboard in tow, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. It was a sight to behold, watching her dive headfirst into the inviting waves, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and our innate connection to the natural world.

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore seemed to carry a special resonance that day. Perhaps it was the months of isolation that had heightened our senses, or maybe the ocean was simply rejoicing in our return, welcoming us back to its embrace. Regardless, the melody of the surf was louder and more captivating than ever, a symphony that spoke to our very souls.

Inspired by this unforgettable moment, I took to my canvas to capture the essence of our long-awaited reunion with the sea. The painting serves as a poignant reminder of the power of nature to uplift our spirits and bring solace even in the darkest of times. It immortalises the sheer joy and freedom my daughter experienced as she plunged into the waves, as well as the collective sigh of relief shared by all who longed to reconnect with the world beyond their four walls.

Looking back now, that day at Caswell Bay stands as a beacon of hope, a symbol of the enduring human spirit and our ability to find beauty and joy amidst adversity. And every time I gaze upon the painting, I am transported back to that magical day when the waves called out to us, louder and more inviting than ever, beckoning us to return to the embrace of the sea.



24 by 24in
61 by 61cm
Acrylic on canvas

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