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Hydrangeas on an Elm Table - Print

Hydrangeas on an Elm Table - Print

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During the bustling Worcestershire Open Studios event in August 2022, I had the pleasure of welcoming over 200 delightful local art enthusiasts to my studio. Amidst the lively atmosphere, I found inspiration to capture a treasured piece of my world on canvas.

The subject of my painting was a combination of two beloved possessions: my favourite 1960s Ercol pebble table, crafted from rich British elm, and the elegant white hydrangeas from my very own garden. These particular hydrangeas, the paniculata variety, are known for their affinity for shade and their rather demanding nature. Despite their need for constant care and attention, these garden primadonnas have captivated me with their delicate, lace-like flower heads.

These exquisite blooms have come to symbolise not only grace and purity but also pride and vanity. The dichotomy of their symbolism mirrors the very essence of the hydrangea paniculata: delicate yet resilient, fragile yet demanding. As I worked on the painting, I aimed to capture this complexity, showcasing the hydrangeas' ethereal beauty while simultaneously hinting at the effort required to nurture these captivating plants.

Throughout the creative process, I was fuelled by the energy and passion of the art lovers who filled my studio. Their enthusiasm for my work and their genuine interest in the art world only served to heighten my own dedication to my craft. As I carefully rendered the Ercol table and the hydrangeas, each brushstroke became not only an expression of my love for these cherished items but also a celebration of the vibrant artistic community that had come together for the event.

The finished piece now serves as a constant reminder of that unforgettable day, filled with lively conversation, shared admiration for art, and the inspiration that comes from being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. As I gaze upon the painting, I am transported back to the Worcestershire Open Studios event, my studio filled with the laughter and warmth of art lovers who, like me, find beauty and meaning in the intricate details of life, from the delicate petals of a hydrangea to the smooth, curved lines of a vintage Ercol table.




Print  Information:

This is a signed limited edition print that is designed to fit a 15" x 12" or 16" x 20" picture frame with a mount (which is not supplied). The print is protected with acid-free tissue paper and is produced using archival premium quality Canon Lucia Pigmented ink. It's printed on 280gsm Soft White 25% Cotton Archival Fine Art Paper, which ensures a minimum display life of 100 years under normal conditions.

Additionally, each print is personally inspected, approved and signed by the artist.

Prints are made to order and will be despatched within 10 working days of purchase.

Other sizes available on request.

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