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Margaret Powell Art

Roses in a Jar

Roses in a Jar

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Painted in 2021, during a time when the world was in the grips of a pandemic and our days were confined to the boundaries of our homes, with the exception of venturing out for essential supplies. It was an undeniably dark and gloomy period, casting shadows over our lives and leaving many feeling lost and disconnected.

However, amidst the challenges and negativity that seemed to envelop the world, there remained glimmers of hope and beauty that could be found if one paused long enough to truly appreciate them. One such source of inspiration was my rose bush, the undisputed queen of my front garden. In defiance of the turmoil that surrounded us, this resilient plant continued to produce the most magnificent blooms, a testament to the enduring power of nature's splendor.

Even when the world seemed to be shrouded in darkness, if one looked carefully, the sun still shone, casting its light upon the delicate petals of the roses and reminding us all that there is still beauty and hope to be found even in the most trying of times. The eternal elegance of the rose serves as a symbol of love, resilience, and the power of hope to pierce through the darkness.

In this painting, I aimed to capture the essence of that sentiment, immortalising the breathtaking beauty of my rose bush and the way it blooms brought a sense of solace amidst the chaos. With each brushstroke, I lovingly recreated the intricate details of the roses, from their velvety petals to the gentle way they swayed in the breeze, and the sun's rays illuminating them with a warm, golden glow.

This piece not only pays homage to the captivating allure of roses but also serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, our ability to find joy and beauty in the face of adversity, and the importance of never losing sight of the light that exists even in the darkest of times. Through the eternal elegance of the rose, this painting offers a poignant reminder that hope and beauty endure, and that we can find solace in the simple, yet profound, wonders of nature that surround us. Who could resist such a powerful message?

Oil on stretched canvas

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