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Margaret Powell Art

Sunflowers, Thistles and Shadows

Sunflowers, Thistles and Shadows

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This painting was created during the Worcestershire Open Studios in August 2022, a time when the weather was sweltering and the sun's rays shone brightly upon the landscape. I was deeply touched by the kindness of my friends, who had gifted me several bunches of flowers as a thoughtful gesture, and these sunflowers were no exception.

However, upon setting up my still life, I noticed that the sunflowers seemed somewhat lonely in their vase, yearning for companionship. Driven by a desire to complement their beauty, I ventured into my garden and discovered an unexpected ally – thistles. With their distinctive, jagged edges and deep purple hues, they provided a striking contrast to the sunflowers' vibrant yellows and softened curves.

As I arranged the thistles among the sunflowers, they formed a harmonious balance, their contrasting textures and colours enhancing the visual impact of the composition. I then began painting the scene, capturing the low-hanging sun as it cast long, dramatic shadows across the canvas. In this piece, I wanted the interplay between light and shadow to be as integral to the composition as the flowers themselves, adding depth and intrigue to the overall image.

As the sun slowly descended in the sky, its brilliant light illuminated the sunflowers and thistles, emphasising their unique features and casting a warm, golden glow over the entire scene. The result is a painting that not only highlights the beauty of these flowers but also celebrates their individuality and the unexpected harmony that arises when two seemingly disparate elements come together.

This artwork serves as a testament to the power of friendship, the importance of embracing life's contrasts, and the captivating dance between light and shadow. It is a visual reminder that even in the brightest of moments, there is beauty to be found in the shadows, and that sometimes, the most unlikely of companions can create the most stunning of masterpieces.


Acrylic, on stretched canvas

SOLD - giclee prints available 

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